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Skype Customer Support

Ityug247 has evolved with a basic aim where we want to offer you an IT platform that remains free from any technical glitches, hurdles. We want you enjoy every bit of your conversation that you do with your friends and family members while you're one call using Skype.

Skype has made our lives a lot easier with a number of features along with voice calling in its application. So, these features need to be up and running for a smooth experience on Skype. A glitch in any one of them hampers the experience. Therefore, Skype support becomes a very important aspect.

Our objective at Skype Technical Support is to provide you Skype support. So, you can enjoy a hitch free experience. Support for your queries and solutions to the problems you are facing will be available at our Skype helpline number. Our technical team will be at your service all the time. We guarantee a satisfactory resolution to a glitch or query related to any of the features.

We aim to serve you with a smooth, hurdle free and fast paced services. Therefore to fulfil our commitment for a quick solution, we assist you on the phone at our Skype service number for any minor problems faced by you. In case, any major issue crops up which cannot be resolved by our telephonic assistance, technician from our Skype helpline number will contact and reach you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Since, Skype incorporates a number of features such as group video calling, instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing or group chat which have proved to be very beneficial and important for everyone. Our Skype support number provides cover for all these features. Imagine encountering a glitch between important meetings on Skype, frequent call droppings while on a call or not able to connect to someone even if Skype due to technical glitches. To get the solutions to these types of problems you can contact our Skype helpline number which will provide you satisfactory solutions.

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Connect with your friends and families the moment you start missing them. Low call rates.

​​Screen Sharing​:

Share your screen with ease.

Group Video Calling​:

Group video calling for meetings. Available for free.

​​​File Sharing​:

Share important files On-The-Go.

​Instant Messaging​:

Instant messaging for sending quick messages, alerts.

​​​​Group Chat​:

Group Chat to hangout with friends.